Corporate Structure


There are minimum requirements that must be met in order for a business to properly register in Malta. You will need the services of a licensed or warranted professional in Malta to correctly set up and maintain your company should you choose to use a corporate servies provider.

The Malta Companies Act which is modelled on the UK version, basically sets out a very simple procedure that will quickly incorporate the company under Maltese law. The entire process is designed to be quick and relatively easy to accomplish. In fact, the day the business is formed the company must register within 24 hours to receive the proper Maltese documentation, funds and information so that it can be properly registered.

Residency: To form a Maltese company and have it properly registered does not require becoming a resident or citizen of Malta. All that is required is that the actual act of registering the company be performed within Malta itself. Once properly registered, all that is needed is for the proper reporting of revenues that is generated by the company as it would be under any national government. However, there are certain additional regulations that may apply depending on the nature of your business which may include gambling or gaming activities as one example.

There is a fee involved when forming the company in Malta, but it is a relatively small one of 245 Euro (currently, and dependent on the share capital amount) and only 20% needs to be paid up front and deposited into a bank account.

Set Up: In order for a company to be properly recognized and registered, it does need to have at least one director who may also act as the secretary of the company as well. In addition, the body corporate may also act as the director as well, although the company secretary must be an individual.

Plus, a company director may also be a shareholder also which means that under Maltese law very few people are required to be present when it comes to the formation of the company.

Shareholders: There must be at least two shareholders present for the formation of the company in Malta. However there are certain conditions that allow for a single shareholder provided some conditions are met. The new Malta company can have individuals or corporate bodies act as shareholders which offer certain advantages in terms of keeping the privacy of the individuals involved confidential.

All in all, forming a company in Malta offers many advantages. Your advisor will provide all the details necessary to ensure that your company is formed correctly to take advantage of the unique, business-friendly environment that this beautiful island nation has to offer.

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