Dr Nicola Magro Axelsson is a warranted lawyer in Malta also holding a Masters in Knowledge based Entrepreneurship.

Dr Magro Axelsson is the founder of Advocate Magro Axelsson & Associates, a boutique law firm in Malta. Dr Magro Axelsson offers a qualified professional service in the business arena. Her main area of expertise lies with Malta Company  Formation and Business Advisory services; services she has provided for over ten years now.


Malta Company Formation

Setting Up  a Limited Liability Company in Malta can be a daunting prospect - Where do I start? Who is best at helping me? Will you help me all the way through? Are you qualified to help me? 

With over ten years experience in the field of Malta company formation, Dr Nicola is your ideal choice for the start of your new business project. 

Setting up a Limited Liability Company in Malta, or arranging to set up a Malta company, is a restricted activity which can only be provided by a warranted lawyer/ accountant or a licensed CSP. Make sure your provider is properly qualified!


Services & FAQs

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